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Increased hospitality

I Lari B&B Castel del Monte: increased hospitality
After years of experience as restaurateurs in Milan, Michele and Cinzia have chosen to go back to their roots, in Puglia, where land, air and light become matter to be shaped, and hospitality is measured in aromas and flavors.
This way they have transformed their wonderful country house, located just in the Castel del Monte area (National Park of Alta Murgia), into an ideal mansion where to host lovers of nature, relax and good food.

The “Lari”, the Gods venerated by the ancient Romans as protectors of the domestic hearth and of the family, represent the essential values of hospitality, taste and love for one’s own land.

Here you will be able to rest in cozy and refined rooms, to taste the traditional Apulian cuisine, to enjoy the extensive garden and immerse yourself into the countryside.
I Lari is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday or week-end.

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